Adjust fade curves directly in the project window

Please allow users to adjust the fade curves directly in the project window for quick workflows. While the crossfade editor DOES allow more advanced options when needed, 99% of the time I just want to quickly adjust the fade curve. This is a HUGE deal when dealing with VO and dialogue edits. FWIW, in Pro Tools using the ‘selector tool’ (in Nuendo this is equal to the ‘range selection tool’) you can hold ‘command’ and hover over any fade in the main edit window and adjust the fade curve without needing to open the fade dialogue.

Don’t understand. You can easily adjust fades within the Project window.


I think Benmrx wants to change the fade’s form directly, rather than its length. … one of the few features I kinda like in L*gic. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dietz is correct, I’m not talking about the length of a fade which you can do directly in the project window. I’m talking about the CURVE (or the shape) of the fade. As it is now, you have to open the fades dialogue to adjust the CURVE (or shape) of any fades. In Pro Tools I can adjust fade Curves (shapes) directly in the edit window and this single feature makes VO and Dialogue editing much MUCH faster as there’s never a need to open the fade dialogue and adjust/create points along the spline.

OK, I see.


Friendly bump from 2019. Curious if anyone else here would like to see this functionality in Nuendo. I just find it so useful in PT to adjust fade curve shapes by dragging the mouse on the actual fade in the edit window, as opposed to opening a dialogue box and working from there.

Yes please.



I would also like to see this feature.