Adjust font on Insert Names

we should be able to adjust the font size seeing as they have now made the font bigger in 9.5 . they should also allow the option to rename the VST and put it in a folder of our choice instead.

We already can put VST’s in to different folders via the Plugin Manger. It’d be handy if we could rename them there too. In the 9.5 reaction survey it was my answer to the 1 new feature request.


This exact issue is what brought me to the forum tonight. I was hoping to find that there was a way to “zoom out” insert names. VERY difficult to get a quick look at what’s what.

Adjusting font size is one thing, but it seems they still didn’t get rid of the ellipsis ("…") when shortening Plugin names. How anyone can think that this a is a good idea beyond my imagination. Three dots don’t add information, they remove information that could be otherwise used by letters of the plugin name!
Please Tell me: which one is ValhallaVintageVerb64 and which one is ValhallaRoom64?

See. Not possible.

Now let’s compare that with Cubase 6:

That was so much better! Bring back the C6-System!


Really hope Steinberg is paying attention to this one. It’s not fun looking for which plugin is which with clients hanging over your shoulder. Well, ok, it’s a bit fun, but I think the joke will grow old very soon.


Is there any news on this one? UAD plugin’s names all look the same until you hover over them with the mouse!