Adjust intensity of hit points on project window event (not in editor)?

Is there a way to somehow change the intensity of hit point detection on the events when not operating inside the editor?

Hi, @zooterman

Not that I know of. Beside this, what I see on your screenshot are warp markers, not hitpoints (the latter appearing as vertical dotted lines when an audio event is selected).

On my end, the warp markers always appear as yellow in the arrange page and orange in the sample editor, and AFAIK, there is no setting to change that…

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They’re warp markers, for sure. But are they not created from hitpoints?

When I have a chance I’ll try an idea I got. Edit the warp marker intensity in the audio editor and then see if it translates as some default setting for other events without having to open their editor.

Not necessarily. Here is a free warp marker created in the sample editor, without any hitpoint involved :

… and we can do the same thing in the arrange view.

Let us know if you get something usable. :slightly_smiling_face: