Adjust lyrics vertically?

Until vertical baseline adjustment arrives, I’m in desperate need of a workaround.

I’ve set the global settings as best I can for vertical lyric spacing, but I have a couple systems that look pretty bad. Ideally I’d like to center the lyrics between the staves (of a choir reduction).

Any suggested workarounds? Thanks!!

center lyrics.png

I haven’t tried this, but how about moving all of those lyrics to line 2 and then adding a single lyric in line 1 that you set to be transparent via the Colour property, or drag it off the page in Engrave mode.

That worked!! And fortunately this anthem doesn’t have multiple lines, so I set the leading to 0, which allows me more spacing control. Thanks!

Sorry, Dan, but where were you able to set the leading for lyrics verses? Did you mean ‘Distance between adjacent lines of lyrics’ in Engraving Options/Lyrics?

I’d love to see an Engraving Option for “Maximum Staff Distance at which lyrics are Vertically Centred”. E.g. if your staves are less than a certain distance apart, the lyrics will be vertically centred between them, but over that value they will be a set distance underneath.

It might results in one of those ‘infinite loop’ spacing calculations, though…

Perhaps a solution might be to mark two staves as a group (like SA and TB) and there would be an option in Dorico to set the lyrics to be centred between them.


I’m grateful to hear about this trick. Hadn’t occurred to me before. This will come in handy!

Caveat emptor: dragging the placeholder lyric off-screen sometimes gives mixed results. The lyrics can sometimes shift back to where they were, or close. Better to set a placeholder lyric to be transparent.