adjust multiple mixer tracks

Quite often I will find that my master output is peaking and so I need to reduce each track equally by a couple of dB.

sometimes this includes tracks with volume automation.

If I think each track needs to come down by 2dB this leaves me manually adjusting each track. I.e.

track 01 -2.17dB -> -4.17dB
track 02 -4.56dB -> -6.56dB

from there I then find the automated tracks and drag them down by the required amount too.

Is there not an option for a global control to alter all mixer tracks at once but for them to stay relevant to their original levels? I.e. global mixer tracks = -1dB from current value.

I know there is the link track option but that’s not really what I’m getting at

Good question. It’s a problem I’d like an answer to. Until then, you might try this:

…it’s free, and works well. I use it on every project.

Good luck.

that looks cool. I will give it a try. Presumably placed on the master insert?

But doesn’t this result in just the same way as turning down the Cubase Master fader? The incoming signal summed will still technically be clipping, even if the master fader is turned down so it does not appear to?

The master buss cannot clip, well if you manage to get a signal in exess of +2000dB it might?

So pulling the master fader down will be just fine.

If you want to give yourself lots of work you can use a volume plugin in all the channel inserts post fader including FX returns.

An easier way to pull all automation per track down is to select all the dots and use the info line.

Or globally for the project by using the project logical editor.

Yes, I use the plug in on the master fader, but Split has a better idea.
Thanx, Split.

edited later: except I don’t have a logical editor in CB Essential…
(or I just can’t find it - the manual says nothing about a logical editor)

Ah… its probably a C4 or C5 feature only