Adjust multiple parameters at the same time

Being able to adjust multiple parameters at the same time with just one knob is needed.

Quick controls attempts to do this but fails. If you assign several filter cutoff knobs within multiple different synths to a quick control slot number, the filter cutoffs on the different tracks don’t automate in unison. The knob controls the filter cutoff of ONLY the selected track. I tried selecting multiple tracks at the same time and tried switching the monitor button on for every track, but they won’t adjust in unison!

It would be amazing to turn a quick control to the right, and have it adjust multiple parameter knobs to the right a certain percentage rate, while it adjusts other parameter knobs to the left at a different percentage rate.

For instance: increasing a quick control knob will increase the cutoff of a synth by 50%, increase the decay of the synth by 20%, and lower the volume of the synth by 30%.

It would be ideal to right click on parameter in any synth or in any insert, send it to a quick control knob, and choose whether that quick control knob increases the value or decreases the value, and by what amount