Adjust Note Velocity in Ex Map?

Is it possible to alter the Note Velocity in an Expression Map?

E.g. with a sample that uses Note Velocity for ‘attack’, any way to increase NV for Accents, or other Playing conditions.

There are some settings in Playback Options, don’t know about the expression maps though.


it depends on exactly what you mean. For accents, you can simply use the inbuilt Playback Option for accent’s dynamics globally or. for the specific map, doing it within the EM with the recent feature “playback options overrides”. In the Expression Map, you can scale the dynamic range for the velocity controller irrespective of whether it’s the primary or secondary dynamic controller – obviously in the case of the secondary, you need to activate this in the first place. To make things louder, you should choose a higher minimum value which scales all dynamics proportionately upwards for this particular articulation.