Adjust notes horizontally in a chord (Breves)

Is it possible to move a notehead in a chord sideways a bit?

It’s common practice with chords of breves to offset the position (as if they were seconds, but when they’re thirds).

See the attached screenshots for what I get, and the kind of thing I want.

I see a very easy solution if those breves are not input in the same voice : select one voice and change the voice column index in Engrave mode, properties panel. Not sure you can do it with the note spacing tool in Engrave mode since those are the same kind of objects.

Thanks, Marc, I’ll give it a try. Presumably that doesn’t affect voices in other bars?

No, this is a very local operation, very useful.

I think what you might actually have to do is put one breve into a separate voice, then put it into the same voice column as the other notes (i.e. set ‘Voice column index’ to 0), so that it looks exactly as it does now, then in Engrave mode you can switch on Note Spacing editing, and use the little round handle to move just that breve into the right spot.

This is something that we should handle more automatically than we do at the moment, certainly.

Thanks Daniel for the description of the exact steps ! I did not realize that putting those notes into different voices offered the little round thing to fine adjust in note spacing mode.

I didn’t need to put it in the same voice column index: Just having it in another voice gave me the second round handle.

Screen Shot 9.png