Adjust parameters of individual segments of repeat endings

I prefer to extend one or both hooks of a repeat ending so it remains close to the staff, as in the attached picture. While I would love for that to be an engraving option, I don’t think I can achieve this even manually in Dorico, since the hook length and vertical offset parameters affect all brackets across all systems. If the ending crosses systems, different brackets (or even the same bracket across systems) may require different offsets, and if a different object crosses a barline, a bracket’s start and end hooks may need to be adjusted individually.

For long repeat endings, one style of notation is to use half-brackets in just the delimiting measures, so as to avoid long lines of system length. I would love to see support for these in the future, too.

Thanks for the suggestion. You’re correct that this is not currently possible, but I’ll make a note. It would require some changes to the way the data is structured for repeat endings, but it could be done in the future.