Adjust signos of changes

I’m afraid it’s not clear to me what you’re asking, Cristiano. Can you provide a bit more information about the nature of your query?


(It looks like his intended message got embedded in the filename of the graphic.)

The size of this is set at: Library > Font Styles > Chord Symbols Music Text Font


I need to change the size of this change sign, be too small here for me!

By change sign, then, you mean accidental (sharps and flats in the chord alterations)?

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As @Mark_Johnson already mentioned, check your settings at Font Styles / Chord Symbols Music Text Font. Additionally, check what you have selected in Engraving Options here:

AFAIK it’s not documented, but Dorico uses a smaller glyph for percentages <76% and a larger glyph for 76% and up. If you switch that setting to 76% it should invoke the larger glyph. Exactly how large will also be dependent on your Font Styles setting too.

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Yes! Friend

I spent hours to find a way that pleased me and changed this value to more and less and it was in a numbering of 90 and style of the font was PETALUMA TEXT increased more (I accept suggestions to make it bigger and make it standard!


If you already created overrides, then no other edits will have any effect. Unless you want to do everything with overrides, which will be very time consuming, you’ll first need to remove your manual overrides. In Engraving Options / Chord Symbols / Project Default Appearances, delete any overrides so this window is blank as below:

Once you’ve deleted any manual overrides, set Font Styles / Chord Symbol Music Text Font to whatever music font and size you want. For example, if I start with my own defaults …

… I can change that setting to Petaluma 30pt to get this …

… 6pt to get this:

It’s quite easy to make the accidentals as large or as small as you want, but nothing will update if you’ve already created a manual override to that chord symbol.


Does this configuration exist on the iPad, bro?

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Ahhh, I missed that you’re on the iPad! I’m not that well acquainted with the various features of the iPad version, but it doesn’t look like the “Project Default Chord Symbol Appearances” window exists. Is it not possible to have global overrides for specific roots in the iPad version?

Anyway, Font Styles / Edit Font Styles / Chord Symbols Music Text Font definitely exists on the iPad. Have you tried increasing the size there? If you don’t have any overrides preventing the change, that setting should control the size of the accidentals.


Yes, my friend! But I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support here trying to help me, thank you for that!

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