Adjust size of lyric elision curve?

The SMuFL standard gives three sizes of lyric elision slur. Is it possible to choose between these? I’d prefer the narrow one to the default.

I think you just need to input the unicode value that is given in the SMuFL site… Daniel explained how to do it, I’ll try to find that thread — it depends whether ou have a mac or a PC.
[Edit] I just realize those are lyrics and not shift-X text, hence I’m not sure it would work since you cannot change the font for a syllable, and you would need to use Bravura text font to get those signs. So I guess I don’t know how to do it and am curious about it.

I’m assuming that it would have to be implemented in the app itself: as you point out, you can’t enter a Bravura symbol, as the Lyric font is used. (I use PopChar to browse and enter characters, which works well, apart from this.)

In fact, the slur drawn for elisions in lyrics is a “real” slur rather than being taken directly from Bravura. At the moment we don’t expose any of the parameters that go into the drawing of these slurs. I guess the things you really want to adjust are the offset of the endpoints, i.e. how close to the edge of the words/syllables either side of the slur is positioned?

I was hoping to reduce the distance between the two words slightly, in order to tighten up the layout. It’s not critical, by any means. I just thought that because of the three SMuFL sizes, that Dorico might implement them.

So you actually want to use a narrower space in the case of an elision. I’ll talk to the responsible developer about that.

I was actually just asked by a group that I frequently do engravings for to include certain breathing indications in a hymn (of the sort normally handwritten in by individual singers, see pic.), and while the check mark will surely be easy enough, the slur is something I thought might be best accomplished by adjusting the elision slur, though I totally understand why that is not currently possible. I don’t know if it would be helpful to anyone else, but I for one would love to be able to make adjustments to elision slurs manually at some point in the future, if that’s at all on the table.

For the time being, I’ll likely see if I can copy and paste one of the other actual slurs to where they’re needed in Adobe. Can’t quite think of how to do it cleanly in Dorico, unless anyone has any thoughts?

I guess you could use an actual slur and then just move it a very long way in Engrave mode.

I had thought of that and then thought against it as it’s a bit kludgey (oh, how Dorico has spoiled me), but on second thought, it would at least keep everything in Dorico, which is always worth something :slight_smile: