Adjust tempo for midi and audio for four bars


I am keen to slow down a four bar section of a song.

I know how to change the tempo in the tempo track. That will be mirrored in the midi tracks and I could alter each audio track individually.

But is there a way to change the tempo from the song’s 120 bps say to 90 bps for just 4 bars and have the audio tracks all adjust together (retaining pitch obviously) as well as the midi? I wish to do it four times or so across the song.

Handy hints much appreciated.

Cubase 6

Hey Dazzer

You need to activate musical mode for your audio files, so that Cubase uses time stretch to get them to follow tempo changes.
You can do this from either the sample editor or the pool. For this to work properly Cubase needs to know the original tempo of the audio. Again this can be entered in either place if its not already there. If the files were recorded in cubase then this should already be correct.

Once this is done fiddle with the stretch algorythms to find the best one for your specific audio.

Good luck