Adjust text size of "play n times"?

How do I adjust the text size of “play n times” text at the “end repeat” barline?

Well, I would think it was “Repeat Endings Font” in Engrave. But that doesn’t work. I can’t seem to adjust it, no matter which setting I change.

I’d say for now you should not display it natively, and just add system text which you can modify as desired. Select the “Play n times” indication in the score, set count location to “Neither,” and add system text instead.

As this is a new feature with 2.2, I imagine its functionality will continue to grow in regards to formatting.

For some reason they respond to the “staff labels” paragraph style. They don’t respond to custom scaling (unlike other objects). I’m wondering if they were inadvertently misclassified? Someone from Steinberg will need to chime in on this one.

The good news is, you can adjust the staff labels paragraph style and then go back into your instruments and adjust the labels manually back to what they were. Unfortunately that is a lot of work if you have multiple instruments.

Please see this earlier thread.

As always, one step ahead!