Adjust timing of a live performance

Hello everybody

One problem I encounter every now and then is that I have to adjust the timing of a live-track. Let’s say I played in a piano track (midi), but I’m not entirely happy with it’s timing. Somewhere three or four notes are to fast, somewhere a pause is a wee bit too long etc.
Now, what are the best options to correct these things? I could use the tempo track, but this is a bit tedious if you want to adjust the timing of a single note. Time warp seems to be easier. I can set two pointers around the note and move the second a bit towards the first. This makes the note a bit faster, as I wish to. The problem with this approach is, that everything behind the second pointer gets slower. Is there any way to prevent this?
Thanks in advance for any help

You say MIDI, open the editor and move the note/s.

Make a third point to limit the movment.

Well, this method is not applicable if a certain passage is too slow. Else I’d have to reposition all following midi notes too.

@split: Making a third point is actually what I’m doing right now, but it is not entirely satisfying as the space between the second and third point changes accordingly.

Thank you for the answers so far, but I thought it must somehow be possible to change the tempo of a certain passage (somethimes only one or two notes, sometimes longer passages) without affecting all the rest of the piece.