Adjust to harp pedal

Is there any way to tell Dorico to “correct” any strings that do not conform to the current harp pedal configuration? (the opposite of calculate harp pedal): Rather than changing the pedals to match the pitches, I would like to add flats / sharps to the existing pitches so they would match with a given pedal configuration.

Currently I’m using the “Filter notes by pitch” but wondering if there’s a better way.

Many thanks!

No, there’s no feature to do this. I’m not sure exactly how we could make this work, because there will presumably be many pitches that could be snapped upwards or downwards to a valid pitch by the same distance, and there will often be cases that cannot be resolved. I’m not sure Dorico would be able to do this sufficiently well automatically to be worthwhile.

Hi Daniel

I think that the OP’s desired ‘correction’ is more straightforward than that: if the pedal setting is for Cflat, then all Cs of whatever persuasion would be adjusted to Cflat, and so on. So it wouldn’t need to consider whether, for example, a Bnat should be changed to Cflat.

This isn’t a function that I would find generally useful, though, as it changes pitches. If I copy a melody from another instrument into the harp part, I wouldn’t want to have it altered in this way.

But it does have its place, and would be useful to eg copy a harp figuration from one place to another, and change all pitches to suit the new pedalling.



Doesn’t Filter > By Pitch cover this?

Every note marked in red, is red because it disagree with its pedal configuration.
That is, if the G strings are tuned up to G# then any G that isn’t G# will show up in red.
So I’m asking that all those red strings will be correct to their pedal configuration: i.e. if the pedal configuration has G# then all G need to be shifted up to G#, and if the pedal configuration has Gb, then all the Gs will shift to Gb.

I would like to use this feature because sometimes I take an entire passage and shift it up or down with Alt+arrow up/down. Then, I have to go and correct all of the accidentals so that this shift agrees with the pedal configuration. This was what prompted me to post this question.

Not sure how you mean.