Adjustable width and/or text size for the Left Zone / Visibility Tab so that the track names are not cut off

Adjustable width for the Left Zone. In the visibility tab particularly, the track names are cut off and the text looks crowded because the text size is too big for the small width of that zone / the width is too narrow to accommodate the track names. If the width were the same as it is now but the text size could be adjustable in the Visibility tab, that would help matters. e.g. Pro Tools track list, all legible and neat.

One problem of the text cut off, aside from not being able to see the entire name, is when there is a MIDI track that has been rendered to audio. The ® that is added to the end of the track name is not visible (because it and the rest of the text is cut off) so in order to uncheck/hide the track, you can only go by it being underneath the first same named track because the end of the name including the ® is cut off. For the other cases, some names may be identical in the beginning text—which is the only part we can see in a narrow width zone. Whereas it is the ending which differentiates which track is which, and we can’t know what track it is when the track names are being cut off.

Thank you very much!