Adjusting a portion of a track's volume

I have a single track of multiple speakers. One of the speakers is very loud. I ran the normalizing tool which seems to have helped level things out some, but I want to either make the really loud speaker quieter, or (this might be the best), make all the really quiet speakers louder.

I’m not sure how to adjust a tracks volume. I can open the mixer and make the fader move up and down, and the volume changes, but it doesn’t “stick”. Is it possible to select a chunk of a track and +/- the volume?

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Yes I would use “The Split Tool” for this

Click Here

You could “Gain Ride” with that channels fader
and “Automation” would remember your changes.
This is another way of doing it.

Other Ideas Folks :question:

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PS: Check Out the Cubase OP MANUAL