Adjusting Drum Layout in Part

Hi all. Suppose the drums play sixteen bars of swing, simply accompanying in a big band chart. Since the other parts in the score have written-out notes, the drums have sixteen bars of written slashes in the score. Is it possible in Dorico for the drums in the individual part not to display sixteen bars of slashes, but rather to represent just a single bar where “Play 16 x” is written, similar to the image? Would this need to be done with an alternative drum part that is then hidden in the score? I’m not yet familiar enough with Dorico, as I’ve always worked in Sibelius, but I’m planning to fully switch to Dorico, of course. :slight_smile:
Swing 16 Bars

There is no way to do this automatically (one must always add “yet”), but the request, or ones similar to it, have been made quite a few times.

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Not with slashes, but you can achieve something close by consolidating multi-bar repeat regions.

“Play bars” can be added as text as the start of the affect region, and dragged into place about the bar count in Engrave mode. Use several spaces between the words to produce the required gap.

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Thank you very much for your responses, I will do it this way.