Adjusting glissando lines

I used some glissando lines as a workaround for voice leading lines. This works fine in most cases but not, when there is a system break. Then these lines look very bad.
Is there any way to adjust the glissando lines manually?




Please search before you start a new thread

I’m happy to say that making manual adjustments to the positioning of glissando lines with the mouse and Alt+arrow keys in Engrave mode will be possible in the next update.

Thank you Daniel for this good news.

Anders, I searched the forum several times before posting. And I think, most of us do so. In my ears “Please search before you start a new thread” sounds a bit arrogant; something like “You’re to stupid to search things yourself, but with my intelligence I can do it.”
By the way: In your linked thread my problem is not adressed. The minimum length after a system break is possibly only a part of it.


To Anders:

I agree with Thomas. You gave me a snarky reply the other day, as well … implying that I had not searched, even though I had. Your assistance is great; your smug and dismissive attitude is unwarranted, and certainly not helpful. We are all trying to make sense of a new and exciting notation program, so please do us all a solid and don’t post unless your reply lends encouragement and is supportive.

Guys, thanks for putting me straight. I’ll watch my tone in the future.