Adjusting grace note position on tablature staves

Hi – I’m using Dorico Pro 3.5 and I can’t figure out how to adjust the horizontal position of grace notes on tablature staves. I’ve got a score with a regular notation staff and a tablature staff. In Engrave mode I activate Note Spacing. I then select the square handle above the grace note in the tablature staff I want to move. If I press Alt-Right Arrow or Alt-Left Arrow, the grace note on both staves moves. But If I select the circle below the grace note on the tablature staff, only the grace note on the regular notation staff moves. The grace note on the tablature staff won’t budge. Am I doing something wrong or is this not possible?

In engrave mode, select the note you want to move in the tablature and use the “Voice column X” offset property

I wanted to do this in the situation where the grace note was the first note in a guitar bend - what happens is that the bend doesn’t move with the grace note.

What I want it to look like is on beat 2 here (I want the bend to be squished up and still stay attached to the grace note):

Perhaps you’d prefer to change some of the engraving options for the minimum width of a bend? See the Guitar Bends page of Engraving Options.

Thanks for that workaround Daniel.

I’m not sure that’s a work-around. It sounds more like a customizable feature. :slight_smile:

I’m still stuck on this issue. In trying to move the grace note closer to the main note, the workaround that rafaelv posted (Voice column X) only allows the grace to be a certain distance from the main note. Once it gets to a certain point, the grace note refuses to get any closer to the main note. For me, it’s just not close enough.

If I try Note Spacing Mode, moving the little circle next to the grace note on the tablature staff moves the note on the notation staff, not the tablature staff. That seems very odd. Why doesn’t it move the note on the tablature staff? This appears to happen to all tablature notes, not just grace notes.

Grace notes won’t go any closer by default than the value of Minimum distance between rightmost grace note and rhythmic item on the Notes page of Engraving Options, so you could try decreasing that value. You should also be able to push the grace note in the tablature a bit closer to the main note by adjusting the value of the Voice column X offset property.