Adjusting hairpins

Hi all!

I add a hairpin to staff 1, duplicate it by shortcut to staff 2 – now both hairpins are selected. I can move them both at the same time with alt+left/right arrow, but why can’t I increase or decrease their length by alt+shift+left/right arrow?

I know that I can link them, select one of them and increase it, and the other will follow. But the above described scenario is so common so I think it could be a welcome addition to the Dorico logic of doing things.

Likewise, if I popover-add f< to a bar, I cannot immediately change my mind and alt+shift+arrow-increase it – no, I have to click the hairpin first.

If I select one bar, and mistakenly press < to add a diminuendo, I think it used to be possible to correct that directly by pressing >. Is my memory failing or did Dorico work like that before?

  1. Provided the dynamics are linked, I find that I can both nudge the dynamics and lengthen/shorten them after using Duplicate to Staff Below. If the preference to link dynamics is not set, then only one dynamic will be selected, and thus only one dynamic can be edited.

  2. The whole dynamic group gets selected, which is as expected. We know it would be good to be able to edit individual dynamics within groups, and we’re thinking about how we can allow this in future.

  3. No, this wasn’t ever possible. You can’t do it just by typing >, but you can do Return, >, Return.


Thanks! I will try what you wrote about nr 1, that makes sense.

Hello Daniel
just a small comment for point 3, until version 4.3 on PC it was really possible to change dim or cresc. just by pressing < or >. I found this practical but not essential, of course.

If you were doing that, what happened was that you covered over one hairpin with another, so they were both there (contradicting each other) but only one was visible.

Thank you Mark for that clarification.