Adjusting instrument volumes Question

Hello, I am trying to use the mix console to adjust instrument volumes to a project. My initial thought which probably proved incorrect was that after I was happy with my project I could simply re-record the whole piece and using the console I would adjust the volumes of each instrument in real time. Which doesn’t seem to be the case. I am kind of new to Cubase so can anyone explain to me how can I do that?

Well, that’s what the mixer is there for, you can change the volume of the tracks in the mixer. What do you mean by “real time”? Do you want to go through your piece and record your fader movements so that they will be “replayed” on playback. That’s what automation is for.
It is maybe advisable that you have a look at a few YouTube Tutorials about getting started with Cubase, like this about mixing:

There are others on the Steinberg Youtube channel. There is also the manual but tbh it is not very beginner friendly…

Yes that is exactly what I mean by “Real time”. I am just not familiar with the terminology. Thank you for your Video I will be checking it right away

I want to thank you very much for your video and for giving me the key-word “automation”. It took me 15 mins to figure this out and I am very happy with what It can do.