Adjusting level for pppp and ppp etc

How can one increase the volume of the dynamics at the lower levels? I am finding pppp and ppp too soft for my taste. I understand about the dynamic power curve for differences, but I am referring to the absolute volume level.

You could check Playback Options->Dynamics->Curve.


I don’t follow. The curve seems to be described to be about relative differences. I want to make pppp and ppp significantly louder. And thge curve does not upodate in the window when you make changes.

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you’re correct --the curve is more about relative differences in the mid-range region though it does have some effect at the extremes. What I find works best with libraries where this can be an issue such as VSL is simply to (activate if not already done) scale the secondary dynamic controller in the Expression Map(s) so that it starts at a higher level than 1. Around 40 can often be a good starting point. I’m assuming here that this controller would be set to Expression/instrument volume/CC1 1 according to the description of the VST you use.

No, it doesn’t change the visual, but do affect the sound.


@dko22 Where can I find information about dynamic controllers and in particular how do I find and work with the secondary controller you mentioned? Are there tutorials on this topic?

just type in “Expression Maps” in Help and the section on “Technique Controls” gives an overview. The video Expression Maps and Play Mode Improvements | New Features in Dorico 3.5 - YouTube gives some hints on the latest features but to be honest, I’ve not seen much specifically on using the secondary controller, probably because the best way to use it (or if at all) varies from library to library – even patch to patch though you can add a setting like mine to all the patches in your Expression Map at once if you select them all when entering the details

To give an example of how I use it with the VSL Special Edition, just take a look at the screenshot below.

Fwiw, one can also adjust the sensitivity of these controllers (graphically) in both Synchron player and Vienna Instrument (pro). A good solution is to use e. g. CC11 for both crossfade and expression and just scale their respective impact in the player. You then free up the secondary dynamic in Dorico…