adjusting loop region while playing skip/crackle?- its fine

hi all=)

so while music is playing and i adjust the loop region i always get a weird kind of skip or crackle from playback.

anybody else?

edit: also when adding new instrument tracks etc…

EDITEDITEDITEDITEDITEDITEDITEDIT _ = all is good again… dunno why… maybe some driver konflict;) yaaaay!=)

guess its just me then :S

check your asio buffer size and read the manuals !


Hi John)

err, yeh, thx but its not the buffersize…

read the manuals for what?

p.s. its more like the sound gets stuck for a milisecond… not audio buffer crackling…


yes, also a issue when i add new instrument tracks…

also, this sound interruption happens when i move the loop region… e.g. bar 1-8 playing , then i move the whole loop region (in one step with the hand that appears) to bar 9-16…

when i move the loop region and playback is from another region, i dont get these sound readjustments

fyi, dell m4400 and nvidia quadrofx160 (newest nvidia drivers)

anybody else have this system?

open for suggestions=)

thx n good night=)

did i just bump this?=

yep, its important to me =)