Adjusting lyrics vertically on divisi staves

In places where I have divisi staves I can only seem to adjust the vertical position of lyrics of the top stave. The lyrics in any staves below won’t budge. This is using alt+arrows in Engrave Mode. If I select the little square at the beginning of the line I can drag the lyrics up and down with the mouse, but when I let go they pop back to the default position. Is this a known bug, and does anyone know a way round it?


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I’m sorry to say that this is a bug, though it’s not one that I previously knew about. It looks like a change we made between Dorico 3.1 and Dorico 3.5 is responsible for this problem. I’m sorry to say that there is no practical workaround at the moment beyond not using divisi staves, which isn’t a whole lot of help.

If you’re really stuck and you need to force lyrics down, there’s a trick I used to use that I’m not sure I ever publicised:

Put a note on a ledger line in another voice, coloured white or scaled down, stem hidden in Engrave mode, with its Suppress Playback property set. Set it to both start voice and end voice immediately (or select the surrounding rests and go Edit > Remove Rests).

This won’t work for forcing lyric lines up, unfortunately (unless the lyrics happen to be above the staff, I guess).

Thanks both. Unfortunately I need to move the lyrics up as it’s a very tight page. I’ve resorted to a bit of witchcraft and entered separate text objects and lines for the extensions.