Adjusting messa di voce central handle

Hello, I have entered a messa di voce (Shift+D <>) on tied notes and I would like to move the central handle so that the “diminuendo” happens halfway the previous measure.

The 4 counts the number of quarter notes from the start of the MdV.

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Thanks, I kept on grabbing and dragging and pushing modifier keys!

A more low-tech way would be to move the caret in the top staff to halfway bar 116 and press U to break the ties there, then you can drag the midpoint to that location. If you then re-tie the chord, the dynamic stays put.

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Or select the center circular handle and press Shift-Alt-left arrow.

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I am on mac and shift+option+left arrow doesn’t work, what’s strange is that with the central handle selected those keys nudge the end tip of the messa di voce.

Beppe, make sure your rhythmic grid is set on a small value. This might be the reason it doesn’t work (alt-shift-left/right moves the things according to the rhythmic grid)

I actually think alt-left/right is better suited to move the handle. Alt-shift-left/right is to make the selection shorter/longer, not to move it.

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Yes, option (alt?) + shift + left/right arrow = makes things longer or shorter.
But, if there is a red circular handle doesn’t it mean that it is there for grabbing and nudging?