Adjusting MIDI-level


I just created a rack-instrument with the corrosponding MIDI-Channel. Now, here is the problem: In the mixconsole I can only adjust the volume by adjusting the vst-instrument-channel. I’d like to set the volume of the signal by calibrating the MIDI-channel-fader, but it doesn’t work. Actually, the MIDI-volume-fader doesn’t effect anything at all. This only happens when using halion sonic. If I use e.g. GrooveAgent, the MIDI-Fader does effect the volume. Where is my mistake?

I attached a screenshot to illustrate.

Thanks for every reply :laughing:

For me there’s something definitely wrong with HalionSonic SE, as bundled with Cubase Pro 10.

Like you, I can’t get midi volume automation to work. The data is on the automation track, but volume does not change, except by moving the sliders within in HSSE. If I substitute HSSE with my older version of Hypersonic (full version), the volume controls in the plug-in move in sync with inspector volume and automation track, and the volume level does go up and down.

Anybody got any clues?