Adjusting MIDI pitch lengths


Heres a little question for you which I hope will give me a simple, affirmative answer!

Cubase is my DAW of choice but in Logic I can select a series of MIDI notes and then press shift as I drag the end of the pitch and it makes all the pitches finish at the same point. Not pressing shift just adjusts the note length by the same amount for all the selected notes.

I can’t find a way of achieving the “finish at the same time” in Cubase when adjusting MIDI.

Also, in 6 (and now 6.5) the note MIDI note information is no longer visible so to adjust a note by a few ticks means zooming in and then mousing it. In Cubase 4 & 5 this information was easily accessible just above the grid. Am I missing a preference somewhere?

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In the arranger and part editor you should see a little icon top left with three little boxes in. Click on this and tick ‘info line’. Should do the trick.

Many thanks, Killawattz - that’s the right answer! How I’ve missed those bits of data.

Anyone with a equal note finish solution?


Now that you have the Info Line visible, that is possible from there too…
However, you need to make sure that the “End” field is visible… Right-click in a blank area of the Info Line, to customize what is visible there. (N.B., at least one MIDI event has to be selected, for that right-click to work).
Select the desired notes. The “End” field currently displays the end position of the first note. Type in the desired End point, and confirm while holding down the CMD key (CTRL on Windows). This will set the End point of all selected notes to that same position.

Thanks, Vic.

That’s exactly what I was after but it’s quite fiddly compared with just pressing shift while dragging.

As pressing and holding both Shift or Alt while dragging MIDI pitches both extends or decreases them by just the quantise value, I would suggest one of these gets used to equal start or end positions.

Anyone else agree it would be useful so we can add it to the WishList?


Of course :wink:

You could also try dragging, such that even the shortest note is at least as long as the desired end point, then use the Knife tool, to cut across them all (you might then also need to click on “Quantize Ends”)

Yes, it’s another rather clunky workaround for something that I’d imagine would be pretty easy to implement if there’s a collective demand for it.


Hej Windle and Vic

There’s no need to add this to the WishList, cause this is already possible :wink:

You set this in the Preferences > Tool Modifiers > Size Objects > Common Position
Just assign SHIFT to this Action -
Voilá :wink:

And it both works on Start and End


Blimey, Bo! :blush: :smiley: I’d never noticed that options were there for “Common” and “Timestretch”.
Works perfectly, of course.
Thanks once again :slight_smile:.

Bo - you are The Man! Thank you.


… probably because it’s only been there since Cubase 4! :blush: :blush: :mrgreen: