Adjusting Multiple Automation points in 9.5

Hello all,

In version 8, 8.5, and 9, I would highlight two automation points, and then use drag them both up or down simultaneously. These two points would go to the desired value at the same time, and there would be a nice fade between these points and their nearest automation points on either side of this adjustment.

In 9.5, when I do this, I can adjust the value of these two automation points, but two new automation events are created at the original value, and then I have to go back and delete those new points. Is there any way to get 9.5 to behave like earlier versions in this way?

Here is a video of what it’s doing?


Click and drag the automation points themselves after highlighting them for the old behavior.

YOU ROCK! Thank you.

So this is a new feature? It makes it a good bit harder. Before, I had some problem with moving horizontally when I was only meaning to move vertically, but this problem is considerably worse now. Bad move.

Agreed. Steinberg should implement a mod key so that you can move multiple points up or down without creating new nodes if that’s what one wants…which is often in my case.

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Using the thumbwheel to change the value in the value field at the top of the window is the best way except that I get a coarse resolution. That’s the only reason I drag on the top of the selection window. When you directly change the value field, you don’t get new points. Did they really mean those two methods of doing the same thing to produce different results? I have experimented with this new feature. If I go through a few iterations of creating new points that way and then selecting various groups of original and new points, I get points that won’t move, points that create new points when they move, and points that move and don’t create new points. I can get various combinations of things happening within one selection. I can’t believe this was intended. What is the point of creating new points?

Easy editing, it’s a great feature that has been requested for a long time.
It does not create the extra points here if I click and drag the first point of a selection.

You can also hold down the Ctrl key when dragging the automation point up and down, then the horizontal (timeline) position of the two automation points is locked (or drag sideways and the vertical (value) position is then locked).


Yes, this is what I do, indeed. Better IMO would be if the Ctrl key mod also let you trim the whole section up and down in the standard triml way (i.e. not needing to go to an individual node, which will often cause the issue where of one of the surrounding nodes ramps into the value that you’re moving instead of staying where it was - Steinberg is aware of this, it’s an official issue, so hopefully it’ll be fixed soon) without creating new nodes.

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I like the sound of this - currently the values are always ‘scaled’ between data points, when moving up or down…

Am curious how you know its an official issue, that SB are aware of… in other forum conversations I’ve had on this, I’m constantly told there’s nothing to fix; this is how it is…!

I was referring only to: “the issue where of one of the surrounding nodes (NOT the nodes that are selected) jumps/ramps into the value that you’re moving instead of staying where it was”. This has been a problem since V9, before this new automation Trim feature was added.

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I would love an option for the old behavior - I can’t use scaling (relative and fixed, controlled with shift) because it always makes new nodes. I now have to go top left of my 4k screen to change Values instead of doing it right there in the track using scaling.

Actually, I can see this can be handy as well, so I would actually LOVE to use a modifier key to toggle between making new nodes and not.

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Seconded - the behaviour of adding new nodes, creating a ‘jump’ rather than ramp when using the vertical scaling tool has been driving me nuts since they changed it. Not sure why having sudden jumps in volume of a track would be considered a default option? Some modifier key to drag the nodes up without creating new ones would be very welcome.