Adjusting output level of different channels in HSSE

When combined with instrumental sounds from HSO, I find the output level of the Olympus Choir Micro sounds to be markedly lower than I want. Some of this can be adjusted in the mixer but the difference is large enough that it would be very useful if I could make some preliminary adjustments within Halion Sonic SE. However, my attempted adjustments to individual channel levels in HSSE are temporary and lost as soon as I stop and then restart playback. I suspect I am missing something basic but have looked for the answer here and elsewhere online and remain stumped. How do I save adjustments to the output level of individual channels within Halion Sonic SE?

You should find that simply boosting the output of the channel(s) on which the Olympus sounds are loaded in Dorico’s Mixer does the job.

A lot of VST players (I think of Aria in Finale) respond to dynamics in the score, which changes their internal mixer settings; so setting base levels is best done (or should I say, “necessarily” done) in the mixer provided in the notation program rather than the VST.

(Which is what Daniel said in simpler language. :mrgreen: )