adjusting rest postions

I’ve noticed a different behaviour, when I want to adjust the rest postion of normal rests and bar rests:
When I slect one or more rest and switch on the toggle for rest position, I can simply adjust the rest position by tapping up or down. When I select one or more bar rests and toggle on rest position, Dorico looses the focus on this switch and “up” or “down” will navigate through the music again. Would be very helpful, if the behaviour would be similiar to normal rests. Also I would like to be able to select a mixture of normal rests and bar rests to adjust them at once.
Please note, that there is always more than one voice in the system, when I want to adjust the rest positions, if this makes a difference.


I have a similiar problem. When I select all objects in a flow and then filter for rests the switch for toggling the rest position is not displayed. The reason seems to be whole rests, if I deselect all whole rests the switch is displayed again.

Bar rests and shorter rests behave slightly differently and there’s nothing that you can do at present to change this.