Adjusting Tempo and Dynamics

Novice Dorico User Here.
I’m transcribing a piece of violin music. It’s marked as “Allegro Moderato” but the playback speed is too fast, 120 bpm. can I drop the Tempo to say 110 bpm and still keep the “Allegro Moderato” instruction?
Also can I reduce the dynamic range of mp, mf and f as the volume level change is too abrupt.

Welcome to the forum, Bernard. You can edit the playback speed of a tempo by selecting it and opening the Properties panel, then adjusting the tempo there. You can adjust the overall curve used for dynamic response, but not really the precise MIDI values used for each dynamic, on the Dynamics page of Play > Playback Options.

Thanks for the advice. I’ve fixed the playback speed but the Dynamic intensity option is greyed out.
PS, I’m using Elements 3.5

Playback-Options are not available in Elements as you can see here: Compare the versions of Dorico: Elements and Pro | Steinberg