Adjusting Tempo of Midi Tracks without affecting Audio Files


How am I able to adjust the tempo of my midi tracks without changing any audio files which are in a project? I am attempting to line up some midi instruments with a recording session but whenever I try to map out the temp changes to match the recording, the audio recording changes as well.


Make sure, your Audio Tracks are in Linear Mode (not in Musical). In the set of buttons in the track, click to orange Note button, to change it to the clock button.

Also make sure, all your Audio parts and events are not in Musical Mode. Select the audio event, and disable it in the Info line. Or open Pool, and disable it in the “M” column.

I did as you suggested, but when I adjust the tempo track to try to get the midi tracks to match the audio file, it is still changing the audio track.

*** Actually to make sure, I believe it has disconnected the audio track from the tempo track; however, what is throwing me off at this point is that it is graphically changing the track now. The audio seems to stay consistent.


Yes, it could changes graphically, regarding your ruler. But the sound will not change.

Which format was recorded to the tempo track (click) audio or midi ?

Sorry, but Tempo track has no recording.

I was asking whether the midi or audio was recorded to a click (tempo track).
The language in the earlier posts wasn’t clear.
Do you mean neither was recorded to click?

If I’m understanding correctly what you want to do: you want to adjust your tempo track to your audio file to line up bar&beats to audio, and you want your midi track follow the tempo changes of the tempo track so it play in sync with your audio at the end?

If so:
1 - have all your audio tracks in linear time base mode
2 - have all your midi in musical time base mode
3 - select the Time Warp in the tool box… you’ll then see that you have an alternate Time Warp tool that you can select
It’s called "Time Warp(musical events follow) Take that one…
4 - line up your tempo track to your audio; other tracks in linear mode will remain unchanged and the ones in musical mode will adjust to the changes

The usage of the time warp tool is explain in section " Using the Time Warp tool in the Project window " at page 915 of the manual. more info can be digged around those pages also.

I just queried support to know how to have the same behaviour in the tempo detection tool as it would greatly accelerate the process. but so far I’ve had disappointing results.