Adjusting the first *part* of a slur that spans two systems

In the attached screenshot, you’ll see that the first part of the slur is quite high. I was hoping I could simply select it and drag that end to adjust it, but that doesn’t seem possible. In fact, Dorico treats both sections as one element. That’s understandable, but is there a way to visually modify just the upper portion without changing the lower portion?

[Moderators: Is it possible to adjust the forum settings so that attachments are displayed in the posts without having to click to display them on a separate page? I’m new to Dorico, visiting quite a few posts, and it’s cumbersome to have to click the links to display attachments. Sometimes it’s necessary to go back and forth between the image and the text of the post to understand the post. Other forums typically display the images inline. So, I wonder if it’s just a matter of adjusting a setting on your end.] :slight_smile:

You can adjust the individual segments of the slur in Engrave mode. When you select it, several handles will appear that can be adjusted independently. Think about it like this: in Write mode, all Dorico cares about is which notes does the slur span. In Engrave you can get into the fine details of its appearance.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

click onto the link, then when the graphic opens in new window, select its address and copy it. Then go back and edit your initial post. Select the line with the [atttachment], click onto the img icon, then just paste your image address and submit.

Beforehand make sure your image isn’t wider than 700 pixels.

It is very hard to have a nice picture that isn’t wider than 700 pixels !!! :wink:

Since in some cases image size (or more to the point, other people’s screen size) is difficult to predict, I would not want to see the option to include images as attachments ended entirely even though sometimes I wish getting images to show automatically in the post were easier.