Adjusting the side of a stem

When I tried to recreate the following beaming in Dorico:

I did so by manually pulling down the right corner of the beam in engrave mode, however, the stem still stays on the right side of the note:

How do I get the stem to appear on the left side of the note?

You can’t do it by simply pulling the stems – this requires the use of Edit > Stem > Force Centered Beam, but I’m afraid I don’t think Dorico will presently allow a centred beam in this situation as it requires there to be an interval of at least a fourth between the two notes. We will look into making it possible to use a centred beam for any interval in due course.

Have you had any progress in this matter?
I am working with works by J.S. Bach and found too many times a central beam grouping with small intervals between notes

Hi alexalfarodelgado. I ran into this limitation during a trial of Dorico 2 and posted the following. There is a solution kindly offered by Daniel that worked for me:

It is an unfortunate limitation, and of the kind that makes one scratch one’s head.