Adjusting the speed of multi-note tremolos?

I have a multi-note tremolo on vibraphone just a third apart.

The back and forth speed using a 3-note tremolo is totally frenetic at 120bpm, sounds like a telephone ringing. I would like to have something a bit slower.

However 2-stroke tremolo is too slow. I’m looking for something in between that.

I went into playback options to adjust this setting under Tremolos:

No matter what value I put in that second box, it sounds the same with playback. I went higher and lower by extreme values and there is no difference. Does that not have any effect on multi-note trems, and if so, is there no way to adjust their playback? Obviously I know I can just notate this fully which I probably will do, but am just hoping there is a way to adjust the tremolo speed for playback.

If you are using NotePerformer for the Vibraphone, then you should know that the NotePerformer expression map has a playback option override which sets the default unmeasured tremolo length to 1/8. If you want to change this value in the Playback Options, then you should turn off the override in the NotePerformer expression map.

Ah yep, I’m using NP, and I was never aware of that override until now. That worked, thanks!