Adjusting vertical order of text objects?

I can’t seem to find this in the manual… say I have two text objects at the same horizontal position, say, a playing technique and a tempo marking, or any 2 or more, really.

How can I adjust which one appears on top? Is there some better way than just dragging stuff around in Engrave mode.

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These items will appear in a fixed order: playing techniques inside system-attached text, system-attached text items inside tempos, tempos on the outside. At the moment the only way to adjust this order is indeed through adjustment in Engrave mode.

Ugh, I was afraid of that. Would it be possible to add a new text style that would go above everything? Use case would be for section titles in multi-section works that are not appropriate for splitting across flows (Strauss Alpine Symphony, for example). In the original score there are titles for the various sections that are invariably above a tempo marking.

The idea of having section titles has been discussed before, and it’s certainly something that we’re thinking about how best to achieve.

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Another vote for something like this. Unless you have a different solution for labeling the start of the Minuet and Trio in a single flow.