Adjusting volume of replayed audio files


I have used Wavelab 4 for many years and since it fullfilled all my music needs there was noreason for upgrading.

Now I have changed my OS from Win-XP to Win-7. This required the step to Wavelab7 (elements for cost reasons).

Presently I have it working, with many points still un-researched.
One point is frustrating, since it seems to be so simple and since I have not yet found a solution.

This is it:
When I “import audio CD titles”, the imported file is replayed automatically with a normal volume.
After closing it and replaying it again (being the active audio file), the volume is so low, that it is barely audible and the soundcard settings cannot cope with it.
Question: where can the replay volume be adjusted?

thanks for any help


That never happened to me (.wav or .mp3) in Elements. Are the imported waveforms regular in terms of audio level?

Thanks Marco

The contents of the Audio-file Format-window is identical to yours.
The waveform of the imported file shows an average volume, while the display of the volume during replay is pretty low as can be seen in this screen shot


Hi Helli,

So this happens only with imported CD tracks, even if they appear regular.
We need PG here!

Are you certain there is no plugin or volume change in the master section? How does the file sound from, say, Windows Media Player?

Luck, Arjan

When I see your picture, there can only be 2 explanations:

  1. The peak file is wrong. Just zoom in to visualize the “true” samples and verify the level.
    You could also use the Global Analysis function to check the levels.

  2. There is some plugin or levelling on the Master Section. Just click on the Reset button to make sure.