Adjusting volume on part of one track. C/B Elements 12

Hi all,
I have C/B Elements 12 & have made a live recording of my band utilising 8 tracks.

I need to adjust the volume of part of a song on one (1) track & have read the Manual & searched the forum for an answer on how to do this, but nothing I have read is working for me.

I have tried using “Creating Edits With Handles” but with no success.
The parts I select don’t have the handles in the top L & R corners, nor has the square block at the top middle of the selected part of the song for adjusting volume.

However I also had made a very short test recording before the function, to make sure I had everything sorted & I tried using the same method (CEWH) with it & it worked ok.

Trusting someone may be able to help me .


In Cubase terminology a part is something special.
Maybe you can provide a screenshot of what you are talking about?

For simple volume changes, you can use the faders in the mixing console.