ADM/ADM Master file (360RA) - what's the difference?

The recent update to the Walkmix 360 plugin now supports both ‘ADM’ and ‘ADM Master’ formats. Does anyone know the difference?

I am curious if anyone is using this format to deliver 360RA, as until now I have been sending MP4 (all layers).



Wasn’t this already included as a feature in the last update (1.4.0)? Never mind. :wink:

ADM is a generic term. MPEG-H uses ADM. Dolby also uses ADM. All of them use the standard. Basically, anyway. And then they put something of their own on top of it or leave something out, and it’s no longer quite so compatible with each other. Congratulations. :crazy_face:
To answer the actual question: Sony uses MPEG-H in the background. I would always refer the statements to the MPEG-H cosmos: So a master format would be MPF or MPEG-H BWF/ADM.