ADM export not working

Hello everyone!

It seems I cannot export any ADM file with cubase and after 3 hours of trying I can say that there is nothing I could think of that could successfully make it work.

Here is what is happening: I can use and mix my music in dolby atmos using the dolby renderer in cubase, then I export it (everything setup right, buffer length at 512, sample rate at 48khz) and a loading bar spawns and after a few seconds disappear. At this point I have no issue, no error message but at this point I also don’t have any ADM exported. There is no file. And nothing I can do can fix this.

I noticed one thing though, when I export it with only the bed the loading bar disappears almost instantly but when I export it with other objects at first the loading bar is slowly loading like if something was actually exporting and then it just stops and jumps to the end and disappears. It seems to me that the bed has something to do with it but I don’t know why nor how to make it work.

Does someone have any idea what I could be doing wrong?

Sorry, I have to ask because you didn’t mention or show any screen shots. How are you exporting the ADM?

Are you using the dedicated ADM Export button or are you by any chance trying to use Export Audio dialog? (I ask this because this mistake has been made by many others in the past).

I am using the dedicated ADM export button that can be found in ADM authoring for Dolby Atmos under the project tab and I also tried via the export ADM under the file tab but they are the same button I think.

I watched Cubase’s video on atmos and did step by step what they did and when my export didn’t work I tried several other videos but they all say approximately the same thing.

I thought that maybe I had something in my audio settings that was making it not working as every video is pretty vague about it but maybe just uninstalling and re-installing cubase might be the solution here.

OK thanks for the extra info.

Presuming you have all the tracks routed to Renderer etc. Then it sounds like an issue.

Before reinstalling, perhaps you can:

Try with a small Atmos project of just one track.

Send some screenshots of the Renderer and so on so we can double check everything is set correctly.

Also, you might want to try using one of my Atmos templates, they’re on my Discord.

Cheers, P.

Thanks for your answers and your time.

I reinstalled cubase and all of its components even all of the VST it comes with and it still didn’t work.

So I watched your video and setup your template the way you showed in the video (except for the reverb bus), I then tried with only one track (a small piano piece that I composed and rendered in 48khz 24bit) and it still doesn’t work.

I took some screen shots for you to see and I even made a small video showing all of my settings and the issue I have.

P.S. you can see on this last picture a 7.1.4 BUS OUTPUT, I added it just before taking the picture and tried to export it and it didn’t work so I removed it before taking the video.

The google drive link is the video.

Also I might add I can export a wav file like I normally would with a stereo mixing using the Dolby renderer so the wav is in 7.1.4 but it doesn’t have the metadata that the ADM would have.

I finally made it work!

The solution was fairly simple I just changed the target folder for the export.
What I think happened is that I have special characters in my User’s file name (i.e: é; è; à) and I think the Dolby renderer couldn’t make sense of it and as I use more than one SSD I chose a simple name file in another Disk as the export target file and that worked like a charm.

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