Admins Read this re Cubase 6.5 Installation File

I am a little bit anoyed here,

I recently had a major crashing issue with Cubase 6.5.1 and hanging issues so I decided to blow out my system and start fresh…

I want to install Cubase 6.5.1 again but alas I cannot redownload my installer for Cubase 6.5 so as I can install the update to 6.5.1 because now I read I only had 14 days to download it…

When I reformated my OS drive obviously it wiped EVERYTHING including the installer for Cubase 6.5

I paid you steinberg to upgrade this software… You have my money… yet now you revoke my right as a paying customer to download the installation file for the software I PAID FOR!

You are starting to really have some backwards ways of doing things…

People cannot run cubase 6.5 unless they have an authorised licence on their eLicencer so why is the download not easily accessible…

Either that or when we pay for our upgrade you should post an installation disc to all who pay for the licence…

You say to protect your licence cause it is what you pay for… I have my licence but I can’t use it because I dont have the installation file…

Please give me a link to the installation file so I can get my studio back up and running…

Thanking you in advance…


Just download the demo for Cubase 6.5 and install it. As long as you have the full license on your key the “demo” will launch as the full version. The only difference is the elicenser demo key you get with a demo request - the installer is the full version. :slight_smile:

Hope that gets you back up and running.

I am going to try this…

I still think the way steinberg are doing things in general at the moment are very backwards and IMHO stupid

Can an admin confirm this is safe to do using the trial installer?


That’s right, whine about Steinberg for you not backing up the install app. No wonder they were so hesitant in allowing downloads of the app. People cried for them to do it for years. They do it and now people cry because they didn’t read the info or back up the installer. Blame other for your stupidity. Makes me LMFAO. :unamused:

Aside from me being in broad agreement with Earnest have you tried contacting SUPPORT or is that beneath you?
Do you want us to contact them to come to your house and fix it? :mrgreen:

They will most likely send you a private download link if you just contact support.

Steinberg doesn’t actually run their own store, nor do they distribute (or track) the download files.

They subcontract out to asknet.

One solution is to contact them (asknet) and request another download link.

You are welcome to wait for admin confirmation but it’s doubtful anyone will ever respond here, and if they do,
they’ll just send you to fill out a support form.

This process is exactly what I did (I am a fulltime composer with quite a bit of tech experience, not a hobby musician):

I had the demo installed already from trying Cubase 6.5 to see if it would work for my needs vs. my current scoring DAW.

The C4/5 upgrade to 6.5 that Steinberg sent was 6.02 disks with a link to the 6.5 update. That’s two installs, convoluted, and seemed pointless, so before going through the process of uninstalling the demo and reinstalling two installers, I just plugged in the key with the full license to see if my suspicions were correct, and voila, they were - Cubase 6.5 full. The demo is the full installer with a time-limited elicenser license.

The only thing you have to check going this route is if you are running a Euphonix controller/Eucon - you need to add the Eucon license to your key. The demo runs a time-limited version of Eucon, but doesn’t say it is time limited until there is only an hour or two left. Other than that, they are in fact identical. I even checked the support files - everything is there - PadShop, all content, etc. All that is missing are the tutorial videos. That’s it. All docs, included.

I posted this because it also points out that there is technically a downloadable version of Cubase, but Steinberg insists on spending the money to send out 6.02 installers with a downloadable update link and a card with the license codes in a cardboard box via Fedex. The codes could just be emailed in a few hours vs. a week or two for the snail mail hardcopy. Nice to have backup disks, but not necessary for the initial install.

And, as you’ve found in your case, their method puts your install at risk unnecessarily. That said, always backup your downloadable installs and license codes!! Many developers are going to download-only, and even if the links are available longer than 14 days, they won’t be there forever.