ADR error (Audio + MIDI)

I found an error. If you record both midi and audio tracks at the same time, you cannot transfer HD files from the Performer page. This error only occurs when you make an ADR recording in Nuendo. There is no such problem during normal recording. ADR only works well for audio recording. (Without Midi).

The other flaw is that replacing the three monitors doesn’t always work well. The position of the monitors on the Performer page does not change. (Nuendo 10.3 - VST Connect Pro/Performer 5.5)

  1. We’ll check, thanks for the report!
  2. Performer video views cannot be changed, but are assigned automatically:
  • no video: main view is Studio (when connected), bottom right own cam, bottom left empty
  • with video (stream or local file): main view video, bottom left own cam, bottom right studio cam when “tape is not rolling”, else empty as there can only be one stream at a time.

Your first item (audio and MIDI with ADR) is somewhat confusing, “you cannot transfer HD files from the Performer page”. Could you provide step-by-step instructions to reproduce this? Thanks!

I recorded a friend’s VST instrument in both audio and midi format using ADR. After the recordings, VST Connect Pro indicated that there was no HD file that could be transferred. After that, the recordings were made in the usual way, without ADR, and then worked flawlessly. The next day I tried it alone, via LAN and experienced the same error. Whether the microphone or the VST instrument was the sound source, the counter showed zero after recording when I used both midi and audio recording. (No HD file transfer). However, the files on my friend’s machine were still there, he could send them compressed to me.

… we can reproduce it. That’s a strange one. We have a look to it. Thank you!

… and we have fixed it. The fix will be added to the next update. Thanx for tracking it down.

Cool! I’m glad the plugin is getting better. Another year or two and ten times as many users. Thanks!