ADR marker window - not able to view whole line


When using the ADR feature in N5 I’m running into a problem with longer lines in the marker window.
Since the Dialogue column doesn’t allow automatic row change, longer lines “disappears” to the right. I tried getting around this by using the “detail” view and placing the dialogue there.

In detail view the text doesn’t appear automatically so I
created a keycommand for “locate next marker in marker window”and I’m up to speed again… I thought… but as soon as I hit record the text in the details view disappears…

Is there a way around this or are we supposed to record lines with only 100 characters or less?

Since we are doing high volume dubbing productions it’s not an option correcting each line in session.

Grateful for help

Disable autoscroll in the Marker window.


Problem is still there even with Autoscroll in marker window disabled. The text in the details window disappear as soon as i hit record. Only playing is fine.

Try enabling/disabling sync selection.
(Marker window preferences)


Great! That works!

Still it would be very useful if we could have automatic row change in the marker window. This gives the actor a chance to see the next line coming up and a more space effective window. Also you don’t need to stop for each line which is handy when you are recording experienced dubbing actors.