ADR options

1.As an option it would be great to be able to leave either the pre - or the post-roll open. (black screen preroll, post roll, or both)
2. change the counter - length digits to the length of pre-roll. At the moment the counters are always have the same speed (eg. if the preroll is 6 seconds the counters are counting down still in 3-2-1 seconds, this should be stretched then to 6 seconds even if it only counts 3 digits)
3.Colors should be changeable … at least the opacity of the black screen…
4.Loop record: It is a tremendous need of some directors to be able to record ADR in Loop… All other taker-systems are able to do that. In Nuendo it is not possible at the moment
5. Make Take-number visible in Video - overlay. The Cutter & Director need the information which take-number is running.

Regarding #1.
What is it that doesn’t work when you activate this preference?



I think you got me wrong. I want for example leave the post - roll also blacked out and have the choice to either have a black screen in pre - or - post roll.

Best, Fredi

Visibility of take-numbers in Video - Window…

takenumber in video +1