Adr panel, target track and recording two mics

I’m trying to figure out how to adr two mics simultaneously (for example boom and lavalier) using target track function.
I don’t want to use stereo tracks because of the phase and delay caused by using to mics from different distances.

Is this doable?

Bye / Tumppi

So I guess it is not possible. Too bad. I’d love to make ADRs with two mics.


You can still use a stereo track, just only listen to one of the mics. I do that quite a bit. Works fine.
Yes it would be nice as a proper multichannel feature. But pretty easy to work around.

Will check you suggestion…
But when reviewing a take from a stereo track, how do you deal with the delay and phase differences? Do you use mixer delay plug in to solo one track or something else?

Bye / Tumppi

I use a stereo track as well. Boom left, lav right. You don’t need to worry about phasing because you’re only going to use one channel, boom or lav. I usually am sending all my ADR sessions on to the post house, so the AAF/OMF I send will split it into two mono tracks anyway. I monitor one track on my console, while letting the other one just record pre-fader to Nuendo. I’ll occasionally pop it in solo to check it.

I don’t worry about phasing in the final soundtrack.
I am looking for an easy solution to solo mono tracks while rehearsing, recording and reviewing…
I can’t guarantee a good sound if I’m not able to check the tracks (boom and lav or room) one by one. And I’d love to be able to do it in the box, in the adr panel using target track function…

But I guess I’m stuck using stereo tracks and mixer delay plug in manually.