ADR Taker - Can I specify filenames in the Take List?

I’m not a Nuendo user, but am seriously looking at taking the plunge.

I do sound for games and part of my job is dialogue recording. Typically, recordings have to be split into individual files, usually consisting of 1 line of dialogue (sometimes even less!) for implementation into the game. Each of these files has to be named very specifically.

To cut a long story short, I would like to be able to import a script (in CSV format) containing filenames for each section of dialogue, then step through each section one by one and have the software automatically name each section with filename specific to each section.

Will Nuendo let me do this? I’ve had a look around online but haven’t been able to get a definite answer.

Hi diode303,

The ADR feature of Nuendo 6 does not have a file naming related to marker attributes.

But the upcoming Nuendo 6.5 will introduce new ADR features. One of them is a basic file naming scheme. I can’t provide details yet, but you should check it out as soon as there is more information available (Q2 2014).


Here is a link to few ADR feature ideas that I came up when doing ADR with Nuendo. If I understood you want something that is listed there.

All ideas about ADR feature are welcomed IMO as ADR could be absolute killer when compared to competition. It is already but lets make it even better.

Bye / Tumppi