ADR Taker features missing

For the ADR Tool, several features are missing for perfect workflow:
1.) Show Takenumber.
Visibility of actual Takenumber for the Cutter and the voice-talent in the video- window
So far the only workaround is to copy takenumbers into another row of the CSV and import them as dialogue… :unamused:
2.) Second Video window or the ability to route the picture to another driver, without Blackmask and counter.
The Director does need to look at the scene without any mask or counter in the vid-window.
Only workaround here is to implement another vid-player and link it to Nuendo.
3.) Loop record
The ability to record in loop mode until the take is done. No possibility so far to do so with ADR mode active. No workaround here!
4.) Record light ( red (record), yellow (rehearse) and green (relisten)
There is no way so far to indicate the mode active in the ADR tool except in the Video - Window. This indication is far to small and not useful, nor is it visible outside the recording room.
5.) Transparancy of the Blackmask
Would be awesome to just reduce the visibility of the movie in pre- and post-roll.
6.) Possibility of active second marker track for notes.
Sometimes it is necessary to mark up spots and put some information for cut or mix into the session. The ADR markers can not be used for that.

All the above comes from 2 Years of experience, tracking ADR in Germany. All the above features are implemented into other Dubbing Systems and are absolutely standard in that branch.
Apart from that the ADR taker in Nuendo is working fine. But these features would make it much more professional and give me a even better argument in convincing companies using Nuendo instead of these other takers… Euro- FEG etc…

+1 especially for loop recording.
I have been asking for this for many years now.

Also Ability to change Dialogue Fonts, Size, color, placement.

very good request list, and PLEASE don’t forget to add a feature so that the actor/voice can easily read BIG text.
so we should be able to choose the font size of the text. Actually the tiny size of the text (which use the same font as other parts of the UI, like menus) is the biggest complain we have.
[i’m talking about the ADR windows in which you import the CSV/cue/text, which display completely the text of each cell]

and also, able to put more than 3 lines of text into the video window, with again a choice for font and size, as you asked.
[currently, the maximum length of the text in the bottom of video is 3 lines, after that it is truncated]



I want to add to the above, that it is NECESSARILY to make ADJUSTABLE sends for GUIDE, ME and MIC signals to actors ( for cue sends, independent levels ). The send level can be adjusted directly in the ADR Setup window on the Signal Switchboard tab. And necessarily in Pre-Fader mode, relative to the selected tracks for cue sends.
For example, as the picture of the ADR settings window.))
ADR setup example_2.png