ADR Taker/Other audio

In direct monitoring mode, ADR taker’s switchboard will not allow signal from MIc signal or Other audio to pass through. I’m working the ADR session in 5.1 output mode (should not matter, right?). ADR taker works great if direct monitoring mode is unchecked and latency buffer is set very low. Any thoughts???

I just experienced this and it was a severe pain. I was trying to just drop a single line into a project and I had to turn off my control room off to hear signal during a take. I tried most everything from kicking out the bussing, to resetting my interface. Safe to say it was a fairly frustrating experience once I found it was control room in 5.1 causing the issue. I have used it in stereo before so it was one of those head scratchers for sure.

On the other hand it does work pretty great for ADR in stereo.