ADR Taker Updates please!

It seems like there are still no new features or any news for the ADR - section. No hint on the webpage, even not regarding the Game - Audio business. Thats why I post my old list again…

1.) Show Takenumber.
Visibility of actual Takenumber for the Cutter and the voice-talent in the video- window
So far the only workaround is to copy takenumbers into another row of the CSV and import them as dialogue… :unamused:
2.) Second separate Video window
the ability to route the picture to another driver, without Blackmask and ADR- counter.
The Director does need to look at the scene without any mask or counter on his separate.
Only workaround here is to implement another vid-player and link it to Nuendos TC. Takes time when switching from episode to episode.
3.) Loop record
The ability to record in loop mode until the take is done. No possibility so far to do so with ADR mode active. No workaround here!
4.) Record light
( red (record), yellow (rehearse) and green (relisten)
There is no way so far to indicate the mode active in the ADR tool except in the Video - Window. This indication is far to small and not useful, nor is it visible outside the recording room.
5.) Transparancy of the Blackmask
Would be awesome to just reduce the visibility of the movie in pre- and post-roll.
6.) Active second marker track for notes.
Sometimes it is necessary to mark up spots and put some information for cut or mix into the session. The ADR markers can not be used for that.
7.) Second Diaogue - start-point in Take
Every other ADR-System has a 2nd In-point for scenes. TC-In-marker 2. Is needed for long Takes!



All this sounds really good to me. Would love to see those features.

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Don’t forget about ability of changing text’s font type, size and color! And color for background.


Fonojet your proposals are exactly what I was asking when ADR module was first implemented. Regarding the redlight we constructed a hard and software module that lits the recording redlight when the recordfunction is executed, that means the talent sees the redlight during the countdown.
But to operate an external red light system there is a little USB device available by a company called “punchlight”.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention, again.
We’re working on an overhaul of the ADR System for the next Nuendo major release!


This sounds good to me, Timo! Thanks a lot for the info. If you want I can help out with some more ideas… :slightly_smiling_face:


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I understand that. We have the punchlight relay.
I programmed a keyspan for the adr tool, to be as fast as possible to jump to take-numbers, change in or out points and so on.
At the same time I use midi translator to convert these keystrokes into the sys-ex needed to trigger the relays, and switching red and green light. Whenever Nuendo stops I use the stop- message to switch of the light. This is the only solution to switch green ( rehearsal) or red immediately Nuendo plays the pre-roll.

Have a great evening!

Thank you again for the feature request!
Sounds great, let’s have a chat sometime very soon.

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As one of being asked for features, while working with Nuendo now since years on the German Dubbing - Business, the second dialogue in - point is the most asked one.
All the competitors (Eurotaker, FEG and so on…) have it and the cutters are all using it while setting up the takes. Would be a great step forward.

Cheers! And keep up the good work!

Thank you very much. We’re working on an update of the ADR Taker system!


I know! I was just thinking to give you an actual feedback. :slight_smile:

Hi Timo,
as it is looking like now, none of the requested features made it into 12…?

Do You have any information about that?
Thanks in advance!!



Hi there again,
I’d be really interested, why none of these features made it into N12? Is there still hope?
I’m one of the studios in Berlin, using Nuendo for dubbing ( streaming services eg Netflix ) and clients have been interested often to also switch over.
Reason most of them didn’t, is missing, needed features.
We can chat also about that, Timo. :wink:
Have a great day!